Spend more time building
and less time managing

simple estimate & quote, cost job and invoice
for busy contractors

If your workflow involves sending a lot of quotes, you'll love ontakeoff!

ontakeoff is perfect for construction, home improvement, garden services and more

Have more time for yourself

Reduce your administration time. It's not fun and it's not what brings the bacon.

Extract more profit on every project

Squeeze more profits without increasing your quotes.

It's software you'll actually use

Software should be simple to use and get out of the way.


Calculate your costs in no time and send professional looking quotes.

Estimate swiftly

Estimation is the starting point of a project. You can't replace experience, but a little help is always welcome.

Build your estimation task by task, line by line. List all the labour, material, equipment, subcontractors needed for the job.

Generated Quotation as a PDF
Estimate creation by Task and Lines to generate a Quote

Do not waste time formatting in Word again

Use ontakeoff's great looking quote, easily customizable with your own logo and terms.

You can then send the quote directly by email and your customer can approve it online.

Why use ontakeoff

  • List of quotes to send so you always know what you have to do
  • No more lists in Excel you have to manually keep up to date
  • Forget about maintaining a material list ever again
  • Create a quote using a template
  • Online approval for customers
  • Avoid costly mistakes associated with copy and paste

Cost Control

Am I losing money? Where am I losing money? Am I on budget?

Time saving process

Cost jobs aren't done mostly because they require time you do not have. We engineered the whole software to be time effective.

When you are away from your computer, use a print out to keep track of your employee's hours and the materials used. You just have to fill the quantities when you get back. You'll get the hang pretty quickly!

Quickly add espenses for your project based on the Quotation
Statistics on your project expenses.

Compile costs, save money

Learn from your mistakes. See at a glance where the budget was not respected. Your next estimate will only be better. Don't wait for your accountant to tell you in a couple months when it's too late.

Why use ontakeoff

  • Time saving entry
  • Prefilled print outs
  • Instant cost reports
  • Not an accounting software


Never forget to send an invoice on time! Invoices are created from your quote.

Create an Invoice from your existing Quotes

One click invoicing

You want to get paid for your hard work. Invoicing doesn't need to be difficult or time consuming.

With a simple click you can create invoices from the original quote. You can even set a percentage to be paid. Like the quotes, invoices come with a nice professional print template.

Get paid on time

Sending your invoices by email is built right into the software.

You probably don't forget, but your customers on the other hand might. A little reminder can be welcome. We made it easy for you to track with reports that highlight unpaid invoices.

Send Invoices & Quotes by email. Edit the message, the PDF will be attached

Why use ontakeoff

  • Invoice a quote in a single click
  • Invoice expenses directly
  • Preview your invoices before sending
  • Email and print outs
  • Status Reports


Keep all your business data in one place. All your questions will be answered.

Dashboard for your projects

Within your projects you are able to see all quotes, invoices and expenses you entered while using ontakeoff. You will quickly spot if something is off.

Compare projects, follow the progress, know what you need to do. This is one thing ontakeoff can help you with.

The project Dashboard offer a complete view of your progress
Your client records.

Know your clients

Keep track of your clients and their projects with our easy to use client record. All contact information along with past history in one place: all quotes, projects, invoices and amount due. GMail can't do that, Outlook can't do that.

Why use ontakeoff

  • Never have to recopy something from a quote again
  • Easy workflow that helps you get things done
  • Day to day status
  • Complete client records
  • It just works

ontakeoff is appropriate for people of all trades

General Contractors


Electrician, plumber, carpenter, roofer, caulking, weatherstripping, bricklaying, excavation, foundation, masonry, painting, plastering, welding, tile setter, etc.

Installation & Restoration

Kitchen cabinet, heating/cooling/ventilation, chimney, hardwood floor, doors, windows, garage doors, etc.


Home improvement, kitchen, bathroom, basement, disaster restoration, etc.

Garden & Exterior

Landscaping, exterior facing and siding, patio, deck, paving, asphalt, pool, spa, balcony, stairs, fence, etc.


Interior design, home staging, architect, house inspection, security systems, moving, cleaning and waste disposal, insulation, soundproofing, chimney cleaning, snow removal, locksmith, extermination, tree service, lawn maintenance, general maintenance, cabling, etc.

Your trade is missing? Not sure if it can help you? Email us

Why we built ontakeoff

We have many family members working in the construction industry. As the IT goto guy in the family, we've tried many times to help our relatives figure out how to use the software they bought, from Word to Excel to specialized estimating packages.

There's only so many times we can endure watching them suffer from bad, unhelpful, bloated, ugly, buggy software that looks like it was built in the late 80s (probably because it was).


in web based software:
no install, accessible from anywhere, always up-to-date


software should be easy to master, easy on the eyes and a joy to use.

Stop enduring bad tools.

It's 2011 and there's a better way to build software. We expect software to just work and get out of the way. Software should help you get better at what you do and amplify your effectiveness. You should never feel like the tool is wasting your time.

We're building ontakeoff for contractors like you. We want to know how we can make this better for you.